Did you know that the most common challenges CEOs and entrepreneurs face are not limited to external factors? Yes, that’s true! Getting clients, closing deals, and adapting to the ever-changing market is only part of the package. Believe it or not, a big part of an entrepreneur’s daily challenges has something to do with their minds.

That doesn’t mean they lack the capacity to perform. It only means there’s something they have yet to unlock. If you’re a business leader feeling stuck, read on and discover how a CEO who was exactly in your shoes six months ago transformed herself and her business for the better.

Laura Egocheaga and her struggles

Laura Egocheaga is the Founder and CEO of Viral Growth Media. Like most entrepreneurs, she is a visionary. She has a vision for positive change that she wants to bring to reality. But just like any other person, Laura struggles with self-doubt and uncertainties that come with having great intuition.

As a leader, Laura recognizes this is part of the process and is willing to do whatever it takes to overcome it. She sought professional help and went to hypnotherapists and leadership coaches. But to her dismay, nothing changed. Laura seeks enlightenment of her higher self, which she couldn’t find even with the help of all those professionals. That is until rREST came into the picture.

Alignment of a lifetime with rREST

When you want something hard enough, all the stars in the universe will conspire to help you achieve it. True enough, Laura found the answer she was seeking through Dr. Mitra Ray, the co-founder and CEO of rREST Inc.

Laura and Dr. Mitra met for an audit. For Laura, it was more than an audit. It was a life-changing alignment. Finally, her higher self’s values, mission, vision, and affirmations were validated and solidified! She was 100% aligned with her inner self and her team.

What did Dr. Mitra do that no one else was able to? It’s not magic. It’s rREST.

The rREST technique is uniquely made for CEOs and their executive team. Each key player undergoes an alignment audit of their subconscious mind and is audited based on their vision of serving the right clients and urgency to achieve the KPIs and goals needed for business growth. From this initial audit, rREST experts will be able to identify hidden malware for removal.

Once the malware is removed, you and your team’s brains are instantly upgraded after a good night’s sleep. Your ability to learn, motivation, and performance will be at the optimal level.

The rREST technique is one-of-a-kind, and no amount of leadership or sales training will render the same results.
With this alignment and Dr. Mitra’s expertise, Laura and her team permanently resolved their malware and can now implement strategies that lead them to success.

Grasping the 8-figure success

As a leader and CEO, Laura already has confidence in herself and her vision. Working with rREST gave her the guarantee and external validation she needed. rREST sparked a fire within and made her believe in herself even more.

In just six months, Laura was able to bring her team from an eight-million-dollar valuation to an 18.7-million-dollar valuation. And that’s not even her biggest takeaway! Apart from the monetary benefits, she reawakened her sense of leadership and stepped up to become the leader her organization needs to make her vision become reality.

Laura is beyond bewildered by the results. She claims that no other organization was able to get to the root of what’s holding her back other than rREST.

Laura’s message to entrepreneurs feeling “stuck”

Being stuck is not a fun place to be. But the good news is there’s a way out. Here’s what Laura says to fellow business owners in her position.

“If you are a CEO, entrepreneur, or a founder-led business owner and you’re on the fence about working with Dr. Mitra Ray or the rREST organization. I would say this is the make-or-break it. You are the only thing holding your business back from where you want it to be.”

Whether you’re a start-up, a corporation, or a small business, rREST is here for you.

The rREST technique

If you’re curious about what rREST can do for you and your business, here’s a sneak peek.
Think of your brain as a computer that harbored malware over the years, particularly during childhood. Now, there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s just that this malware is programmed to attack you from the inside.

There are many entrepreneurs out there just like you and Laura, each suffering from “malware” in their brain that’s holding them back from achieving their life and business goals.

We at rREST are your brain bioengineers. We identify this persistent malware and offer permanent solutions to help you maneuver life from an adult perspective. With the help of rREST experts, rest assured you can master your responses and tap into your higher self.

To learn more about rREST, you can reach out to us here. And if you’re ready to have the alignment of a lifetime, book a discovery call with our rREST brain bioengineers!