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Some background on the life-changing study of rREST.


rREST - Brain 1.0

To explain what rREST is, first imagine your brain can operate at 3 levels. Brain 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0.

Brain 1.0 is ruled by the most ancient part of our brain, the amygdala, and is often referred to as the lizard brain. This brain can get triggered any time we feel stress, anxiety, frustration, anger, or fear. When this happens, our base instincts and survival behavior take over and we seem to lose all control.

rREST - Brain 2.0

Then there’s brain 2.0, which is more evolved than the lizard brain. It is goal-oriented and can often help us create results and a sense of success. This brain needs to make more money, have more stuff, gain more influence, and just do more and more. Brain 2.0 eventually leads to burnout.

rREST - Brain 3.0

rREST can take us to Brain 3.0 – the wise, integrated brain. This brain is fully functional and can bypass the shortcomings of the amygdala, triggering our old fears. Brain 3.0 can look beyond the short-term success often dictated by society. This brain can tap into your soul’s desire, which truly makes you happy. Most importantly, Brain 3.0 is brilliant. It is happy, stable, and capable of balancing logic with desire. It is the integration of the right and left brain.

How does rREST do this? rREST permanently quiets the emotionally unpleasant childhood memories hidden away in our amygdala and it does so without you actually having to relive those traumatic experiences.

Who we are


To rethink and revolutionize the mental wellness industry.


We are in the business of guiding people to feel better about themselves, their lives, and the people around them, and to expand human potential.

Learn, Innovate, Create

We are driven both by scientific discovery and current human needs. Both are unpredictable and constantly changing. We strive to understand how we can use the latest scientific findings to meet the needs of society, to help individuals feel more personal power, as they navigate and create a life of purpose.

Empathy for Humanity

We honor the past but are not bound by it.  We understand that reactive behaviors are rooted in childhood trauma and we have compassion for the automatic responses people are stuck with if they do not address those traumas. We help people change their past so that they can change their future. It isn’t about what’s wrong with you, it’s about what happened to you and your ability to change it.

Honor the Client Experience 

We focus on positive outcomes for all. We deliver access to opportunities for people to change their past and explore various paths to their own solutions.  Clients can expect a safe and supportive space to be seen and heard.


We strive for excellence and not perfection. Pursuing excellence gives both us and our clients the courage to explore, try new things, and pivot while constantly making improvements.

Expanding Human Potential

We believe that people are doing the best they can. Nevertheless, we believe when they remove the obstacles of their past, they can have access to their true potential with ease. The most exciting part of our work is it allows more and more people to break barriers beyond what is now considered possible.


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