“As we address your energy, hormones and libido, rREST is an integral part.”

-Maraya Brown

“As we address your energy, hormones and libido, rREST is an integral part.”

-Maraya Brown


You were born to be a high performer. Our world encourages us to eliminate stress when we should be leveraging it.

Adverse Childhood Experiences


Adverse Childhood Experiences (i.e. ACEs) are traumatic experiences during childhood that have potentially harmful consequences. Children experience trauma in various ways from witnessing someone else’s trauma to more direct situations like a simple dental procedure or negative interactions with educators and peers with lasting impressions on their emotional wellness.

This assessment will help you determine your ACE score. When you have completed this assessment we will provide you with your result, what it means for you and your emotional wellness, and how you can make simple changes in your lifestyle that address your personal experiences.* 

*You must be 18 years of age or older to take this survey. Please note questions within this survey address experiences related to trauma. Please take care in determining if this content will be disturbing to you in any way.

Why you SHOULD get rREST:

100% of clients surveyed reported a reduction in stress 

Looking back, you will hardly recognize who you were before you experienced rREST.

Instead of focusing on the pain you went through, you will have clarity on where you’re going.

You will feel proud and fortunate that you finally found what you have been searching for, a way to help you overcome what has plagued you for a long time.

Clients have:

Walked away feeling calm, confident, and courageous – others have noticed

Discovered hidden blind spots and removed emotional triggers

Uncovered and conquered negative stress patterns from their past