Stories matter, master yours!

In this two-day workshop, Master Storyteller – Christie Nix
will teach you to capture your audience’s attention and leave them wanting more!  

A tight and impactful story is the most critical component of your speech.

The world bombards us with noise…distractions, competing demands, social media notifications…

Find your voice

 The way you speak, how you structure your stories, and why people need to listen to you.

Gain confidence

After this workshop you will leave realizing your true potential and feel proud to speak in front of others.

Increase your sales

Learn the proven system to increase your conversion rates with authenticity and ease.

What people are saying

“Slay your Speech was a comprehensive way to come up with what you want to share, and in a way that’s compelling. I love Christie’s approach and how she translates the psychology of buyers…she teaches how to reach different audiences. I honed in on the exact message I wanted to share and have since created a masterclass. I am now sharing that successfully to upsell my program. I have more confidence when I speak. It’s worth doing over again multiple times as I have grown from going through it more than once. People would be lucky to be a part of this course and use the skills that Christie delivers in this course!”

Charity Joy

“I am so proud of Christie. She used what I taught her about the brain, meditation, and hypnotherapy to make this course one of the most powerful and unique classes on speech writing I’ve ever witnessed. The results speak for themselves…Christie’s techniques deliver, which is why people keep coming back for more!”

Dr. Cindy Sholes (PhD Neuroscience)

“I thought the workshop was amazing! It helped me get clear and concise on what I wanted to offer and the benefits someone would get from my course. It was a beautiful step-by-step process to refine my offer. I walked away with a formula that guides the listener, identifies and eliminates objections before they bring them up, makes the pricing clear, and the value proposition compelling.”

Melissa Hyde

“Slay Your Speech is a brilliant course all around but the main thing I got from it is that it makes me remember what brought me to the work that I do in the first place.  Christie has a way of getting us to tell our stories in a way that is so visceral and it brings the audience with you on the journey, making your talk so compelling.”

Tink Kitaura

A Good Story = A Good Conversion

This isn’t a “how-to”, it’s a “let’s do” event where you leave, speech in hand!

YOU are one speech away from up-leveling your business.

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The Science

When someone tells you a story, something interesting happens… our brain waves actually sync up, and our minds connect almost like Bluetooth.

Our brains start to simulate, “What would I do in that situation?”

This gives rise to emotion in both the storyteller and the listener… And the reality is that we are emotional beings.

Emotions (good or bad) tell the brain that something important is happening.

Add emotion to your speech and your audience takes action.

The result is cutting through the noise, maintaining attention, and delivering your message!

About Christie Nix

Christie Nix graduated from Hawaii Pacific University with a degree in Visual Communications. Over a decade in the film industry, she honed the art of storytelling, creating visual and emotional masterpieces celebrating life’s most intimate moments. When she lost her father, she pivoted to wellness and incorporated her storytelling skills into her speeches and sales techniques. In doing so, she has improved the health of thousands of people and inspired countless others to harness the power of their story. She believes that everyone has a story to tell and is committed to being your guide.

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