3 Tips to Help you Reach your Future Vision

Forbes recently featured an article discussing the top reasons why people fail to achieve their goals.

Your mindset needs to change before your behavior can.

You’re missing an accountability structure to help you sustain change

You’re resistant (maybe even scared) of achieving a goal this big.

A Vision Board Workshop That Works!

You’ve never done a vision board like this before! Get ready to tap into your unconscious mind, using a form of hypnosis. Hosted by Christie Nix and renowned hypnotherapist, Dr. Cindy Sholes (who was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal). This workshop will leverage your innermost thoughts to create clarity around your goals and aspirations. Find accountability in our community, and overcome those things that you are scared of or resistant to.

Come back and celebrate your 2022 wins with us as they start coming to fruition. Reserve your spot below NOW so we can send your list of materials to gather before our workshop!

Have we sparked your curiosity?

Watch previous workshop attendees share their visions to inspire one another and create deeper connection. We will be there to offer opportunities for you to further align your mind with aspirations and remove the noise so that you can focus on your dreams.

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