Are you eager to learn how to take control of your mental health?

During these tough times, many of us are facing extreme burnout, overwhelm, and just too much stress. While methods such as tapping, yoga, & meditation can help to reduce your overall stress, they are hard to do consistently and they certainly are not an option in the middle of a stressful situation at work or in public, or even at home? Have you ever heard of rREST?

With the rREST technology, we can drive straight to the root of your problems and begin making lasting changes with minimal effort and no disciplined routine required on your part. You will experience a significant improvement in your overall happiness and reduce your stress levels quickly and efficiently.

rREST Inc. is hosting an event designed to help you avoid burnout, minimize stress, and create the strategies you need to tackle your goals with ease, and it is completely free.

How Do I Know if I am Overwhelmed or Experiencing Burnout?

Overwhelm and burnout don’t just reduce your happiness, they slowly take control of your life. So many people are experiencing similar feelings that there is a new term being used to describe people stalling out from uncertainty, overwhelm, and burnout. It’s called languishing. People go from over-reacting due to the overwhelm of uncertainty, then feeling ashamed or guilty to finally just throwing their hands up altogether. “Why bother trying?” Then this leads to a sort of resignation about life…or languishing. This blah feeling is such a common experience that the number one article read in the New York Times in 2021 was an article in which the author labeled this feeling – languishing.

As you continue to languish, you watch others who seem happy and thriving pull away from you or you pull away from them and you may spend more and more time alone or commiserate with others who have also given up on life.

Now whether this sounds just like you or even vaguely familiar, we encourage you to spend a little time with us during an upcoming event. We may be just the ticket you have been looking for. It may not be an accident that you stumbled upon this blog. We have answers that we think will provide some hope and a sense that it isn’t your fault. Join us as you have nothing to lose.

The Event Details

The upcoming Beyond Meditation event is hosted by the founders of rREST including Dr. Cindy Sholes the creator and co-founder of rREST, Dr. Mitra Ray the CEO and co-founder of rREST as well as a master storyteller and co-founder, Christie Nix. You can read more about them here.

During the event, you will have the ability to hear from not only the founders of the rREST technology but also from existing clients as well as powerful stories from rREST coaches. Our next event is on 5/4/22 but if you can’t make it – don’t worry! We will be live on a few different dates so be sure to head to the registration page by clicking here.

If you have questions before or after the event, don’t stress! We will be offering a Q&A session with the rREST founders after the event is over; so bring your questions.