We believe there are small-t traumas and big-T Traumas. Most research done today is on the big-T Traumas. However, in our experience both leave a lasting imprint on the subconscious mind that can work against you. rREST addresses both kinds of traumas.

Research is necessary to prove to the world that both kinds of trauma can and should be healed. We already have some preliminary research and, with your contribution, we are one step closer to manifesting our next clinical research project.


Preliminary studies demonstrate rREST resulted in a reduction of stress across all ages and demographics. Email hello@rrest.com if you have questions and/or want access to the full study.

Dr. Cindy Sholes

Ph.D. in Neuroscience, University of California at San Francisco

Dr. Cindy is a neuroscientist who has dedicated her life to supporting people who want to make a difference in the world and honor the life they’re called to live. She trained alongside Nobel Prize winners and is a certified medical hypnotherapist, Neuro Emotional Technique practitioner, Reiki master, business owner, and Les Brown trained inspirational speaker and educator. She’s also the creator and co-founder of rREST.

Dr. Mitra Ray

Ph.D. in Cellular Biology, Stanford University

Dr. Mitra is a biochemist who first experienced the healing powers of rREST in a session led by Dr. Cindy. Motivated by a desire to help people prosper in every aspect of their lives, Dr. Mitra joined forces with Cindy to co-found rREST with a vision of revolutionizing mental wellness. She is a yoga instructor, Reiki Master, Shaman, and one of the leading whole food experts in the world. She’s helped build a billion-dollar company and wrote the Shred 10 program used by tens of thousands of health and wellness professionals around the world.

Christie Nix - Visual Communications, Hawaii Pacific University - rREST

Christie Nix

Visual Communications, Hawaii Pacific University

Christie is an inspiration and mentor to thousands. She combines her education in film, visual communications, marketing, and sales with 100% heart, love, and passion for coaching and leading others to grow thriving businesses, interact more productively with their families, and grow beyond whatever limits they previously thought possible. She is a therapeutic yoga instructor who donates more time than she charges, a Reiki Master, and a leader in the nutrition industry.


Our childhood can shape all kinds of anxiety, fears, and phobias which can show up as triggers, self-limiting beliefs, and sabotage in adults. These can lead to serious impacts on our health. In just a few sessions, our highly trained rREST coaches can help you overcome what’s holding you back or slowing you down. This gets you on the road to your most fulfilled self.


Charity Joy


Brandon Brillinger


Danielle Y


Dr. Jeffrey Clark


Tink Kitaura


Rob Yuschak


Yvette Montoya

Our gift to you as a rREST Angel Investor is an opportunity to work with one of the Founders of rREST for up to 10 complimentary sessions, should you choose to do so. Once you become and Angel Investor, you will be prompted to schedule your first session.